We are building a world where everyone has access to affordable, ultrafast internet.

At Telcom we believe the internet is a utility, a basic human right, that when readily available is a catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment with life changing impact.

Changing the nation's internet by building fibre networks, reducing costs & empowering communities.

Telcom Group is made up of 3 core teams, collectively contributing to this combined mission:

An exemplary ISP

An Internet Service Provider working to make ultrafast internet available and affordable to everyone.


Rural ISP as a service


Social Internet

Full-stack Infrastructure

Owning our own full-fibre infrastructure not only extends our reach, but enables us to be a 'full stack ISP' removing the friction and cost of a chain of companies along the way.


Metro Gigabit Fibre Networks

Enabling Technology

Our tech division develops and deploys new connectivity solutions, helping us move the industry forward.


In-building connectivity


Smart city connectivity

Our People

We have a lot of great people at Telcom, and many more great partners and advisors. Here are some of our core team, responsible for building the company and maintaining its course:

Shaun Gibson

Group CEO

Thom Seddon

Group CTO

Alistair Adams

Director, Systems & Automation

Doug Ward

Group Relationships & Investment Director

Jacquelyn Goddard

Public Affairs & Corporate Operations

Sean Anstee

Infrastructure CEO

At Telcom we are always on the look-out for talented new members for our team. Whether you are a coder, an engineer, a people person or anything else that you think will help us be better and happier as a team, check out our jobs page for more info.

Our Values

Maintain a true customer obsession

Have empathy, be fair, communicate clearly, empower customers.

Not only should we want our customers to love Telcom as a company, but we should want them to love us as a company even if they knew everything we were up to, even behind closed doors. Empathy/love comes through understanding the motivations behind our actions - transparency, clarity of communication and openness are the mechanisms by which we can achieve that. No duplicitous / machiavellian behaviour and no non-communication.

Be lean & relentlessly resourceful

Solve problems, stay reactive, embrace available resources, find new paths.

Bloat often results in inefficiency and slows down a company’s ability to pivot and react to a changing world. Don’t hire to solve automatable problems. Hire 1 great person over several mediocre ones. Expend effort and thought to keep the company lean and reactive.

Give & go beyond

Be generous and go beyond for customer, for company and the community

Do not hesitate to be generous and kind to others. Even the smallest act of kindness can leave a lasting impression on a person, and helping people above and beyond what is expected of us makes life happier for everyone.

Think big and be adventurous

Think globally, constantly strive to be better and try new things

We are building a company that is here to last and support the team for a long time. Focus on how we can make this an exciting adventure for the whole team. Make decisions based on a broad understanding of their impact; don’t risk losing our way, and our company’s soul by only focusing on short-term victories and one-dimensional metrics.

One team with a shared purpose

Operate as a united team, support one another, don't blame, don't divide.

We win or lose as a single team. Although we all have different functions, we are all part of a single system, jointly responsible for our successes and our failures. Support one another, and make decisions that work to improve the system as a whole.

Iterate, experiment and automate continuously

Never stop improving, questioning and experimenting

Unceasingly ask yourself what can be done to improve how you work. If you see a problem, try and solve it, or let others know about it so we can work to fix it as a team. Try new things and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Our Masterplan


Everything we do is in line with and part of our Secret Masterplan to change the country’s internet from being one of the worst in Europe to the best.

The Secret Masterplan

Our Journey



Our journey begins with a question: ‘Where is the best place to base a tech startup in the UK?’. To answer this, Doug Ward and Shaun Gibson embarked upon a tour of 19 UK’s tech clusters, with a mission to map out the UK. It took them over 18 weeks of Megabuses and couch surfing to interview some of the best people from each community and discover what each startup community had to offer.


TechBritain.com, the first comprehensive online map of the United Kingdom’s tech ecosystem launches, brimming with findings, startups, some questionable-quality videos and a lot of stories.

Alistair Adams (Ali) joins the Tech Britain team to help design and build the platform.


Returning to Manchester with a belief in the city’s potential, Doug and Shaun realised the city was in real need of a unifying hub around which startups could congregate. They resolved to build a new hub which eventually evolved into SpaceportX.



Very quickly we found ourselves sat down in HM Treasury sharing our experiences with the Cabinet Office and being asked if we would assist in community outreach.

Tech Britain were invited to take part in the inaugural UK Business and Cluster Summit held at Number 10 Downing Street and hosted by Joanna Shields, CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation.

Thom Seddon joins the TechBritain team after meeting Ali and Shaun at a hackathon (Startup Weekend, Manchester).


At the 2nd meeting of the UK Business and Cluster Summit group, Tech Britain were invited to present to HRH Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace.

Given the opportunity to share their vision for the future of Tech Britain we won not only the support of the Cluster Summit delegation but HRH as well.


Inspired by the vision for Tech Britain, the government commissions the first Tech Nation Report in 2015, its intention to be the first comprehensive analysis of the UK’s Digital Tech Economy. The Tech Britain team are invited to advise on the reports creation.



Given insight from Tech Britain’s work as advisors to government, Shaun, Thom and Ali found Telcom to help plug the growing connectivity gap and ensure Britain has the digital infrastructure it needs and deserves.


Telcom appointed as managed services partner for Spinningfields and Old Granada Studios involving management of both fibre networks and WiFi. In addition appointed as preferred supplier for both estates.


On the back of growing demand for services from the tech community, Telcom launches a wireless network spanning all of Manchester City Centre.


Launched the UK’s first free superfast public WiFi network in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as a part of the ‘Telcom Unity’ program created to help support worthy organisations and the community.



Commended for our transparent pricing and flexible approach, Telcom is recognised as a key partner for the government's BDUK voucher scheme.


The founding team behind Telcom awarded £4 million by central government in the 2015 spring budget for the establishment of a tech campus in Manchester City Centre.


Telcom gets it’s ASN number, becoming AS31631


We begin peering and achieve the status of a fully fledged ISP.


On the back of success in Manchester and growing request for service across the North, Telcom launches its second city network with the activation of Leeds Dock.


Launch of Telcom Voice for commercial and residential customer's.


Telcom agrees to support Glasgow’s first tech coworking space ‘Rookie Oven’ by providing free access to one of the fastest connections in the city. In addition launches Telcom Unity in Govan to assist local businesses access previously unavailable services.


Launch of Telcom Partner our reseller platform. Very quick signup a number of IT companies and VoIP providers keen to resell our services to their customer base.


Watson is born. An indispensible member of the team, Watson, our intelligent CRM & billing platform helps us deliver great customer service to our end customers and partners.



Win’s the NYC Mayor’s Office Call for Innovation. Telcom beats over 100 submissions from around the world to become the first UK based ISP to be invited to provide services across New York City.


As a result of demand from customers for Telcom to be more than just their ISP, Telcom Care is launched for existing customer's.


Telcom Temporary Internet takes off with Cirque Du Soleil amongst the first to sign up for closed beta testing of our new pop up internet solution.


Telcom launches a revolutionary new solution to tackle rural broadband, ISP-as-a-service ‘Box Internet’, and subsequently selected to be the commercial partner for North Skye Broadband on the Isle of Skye.


Pre-seed investment from key northern property developers LJ Partnership and Property Alliance Group.


Telcom Technology launches ‘Node’ an innovative new product providing in-building connectivity management, which is quickly spun out to be its own subsidiary.


Comet is born, created to provide social housing internet services in partnership with councils and housing associations. Leeds City Council trials Comet across 1000 homes.



Seed investment from the Managing Director of JP Morgan and Ivy Mont Capital on behalf of the Captain of Crystal Palace.


Telcom assists Property Alliance Group secure the 1st Platinum Wired Score connectivity rating for an existing building in Manchester City Centre.


Telcom’s wholly owned residential service Blaze is born, focused on providing services to developers building Build to Rent or Private Rental Sector properties.


The 1st Node goes live in Manchester’s largest commercial development No1 Spinningfields securing the 1st Platinum Wired Score connectivity rating for a new development in Manchester.


Telcom included in the ‘Top 100 tech companies in Greater Manchester’ 2017 list.



Doug Ward from Telcom voted ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year 2018’ in the Downtown in Business, Mancoolian Awards.


Telcom agrees a strategic partnership with Manchester fibre network ‘The Loop’ to connect gigabit fibre into 40 buildings across Manchester City Centre.


Sean Anstee the Ex-Leader of Trafford Council joins Telcom Group as the CEO of Telcom Infrastructure, to help drive the company's mission to change the nation's internet.


Telcom Infrastructure enters into a strategic partnership with Pinacl Solutions to bid on Local Full Fibre Network contract opportunities across the UK.

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