Telcom Group

Telcom's Secret Masterplan

Telcom started out as a great local ISP serving Manchester, and has since expanded to other cities across the UK. We don’t want to stop there. We believe the country’s internet service is not prepared for the future racing towards us, and we’re the company to fix that.

It’s our aim to take the UK from having the third-worst internet in Europe (according to the European Commission report on Broadband Coverage in Europe 2016), to amongst the best in world. The country should be on par with the likes of South Korea, whose average speed is more than 100 times greater than ours. We believe this is essential for the UK to compete on the world stage in the decades to come.

To achieve this goal, we know that Telcom has to be an exemplary ISP, one that questions industry thinking and adopts best practices from around the world. While many sectors have been disrupted over the past 20 years, the internet service provider market has consolidated and stagnated.

Some people might think we’re crazy. In a market dominated by incumbents, can we make an impact at a scale that matters?

That’s where our masterplan comes in.

Welcome to the HyperCity

The internet should be a utility available to everyone in Britain. All of our advanced-wireless dreams, all the promises of ‘smart cities,’ depend on having a solid, dependable, ubiquitous fibre infrastructure reaching everyone at a reasonable cost. At Telcom we call this ultra-connected vision of a city a ‘HyperCity’.

To get there, we start off in a city by building a great internet service for business customers in the centre, with all the infrastructure that involves. Having established ourselves, we expand to serve a wider area while lowering prices as the network grows.

We invest heavily in R&D to increase our efficiency, thus making it more efficient to scale up. This enables us to ramp up the impact we make.

When you become a customer of Telcom, you help fund digital inclusion for everyone in the UK.

  • Build an exemplary, scalable ISP
  • Build a HyperCity
  • Create a financial plan to fund more HyperCities
  • Build multiple HyperCities
  • Create a community model to scale impact nationwide

Stay tuned.

- Shaun, Thom & Ali