We connect for good.

At Telcom, we believe the internet is a basic human right. When it’s readily available, it’s a catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment, with life-changing impact.

Creating a more connected world, by building fibre networks, reducing costs, and empowering communities.

Telcom Group is made up of a collection of brands and divisions, all collectively focused on this single mission:

Exemplary Internet

An internet service provider working to make ultrafast internet available and affordable to everyone.

Our ISP brands:

Telcom.uk Ultrafast commercial internet.
ClearFibre Private Rental Sector internet
WeFibre 1Gbps fibre to the home

Full-stack Infrastructure

Owning our own full-fibre infrastructure not only extends our reach, but enables us to be a 'full-stack ISP,' removing the friction and cost customers incur by using a chain of companies instead.

Our infrastructure brands:

Telcom Infrastructure Open Access Full Fibre Networks
Pioneer Utility & civil engineering services

Our Values

Maintain a true customer obsession

Have empathy, be fair, communicate clearly, empower customers.

We want our customers to love Telcom. To achieve that, we believe in openness, clarity and transparency. We live our values whether we’re in public or behind closed doors in the office; we demonstrate the high standards our customers expect, wherever we work.

Be lean & relentlessly resourceful

Solve problems, stay reactive, embrace available resources, find new paths.

Bloat means inefficiency. It slows down a company’s ability to react to changes. We don’t hire to solve problems when we can work smarter instead. We work hard to keep the company lean and reactive.

Give & go beyond

Be generous and go beyond for our customers, our company, and the community.

We’re generous and kind to others. Even the smallest act of kindness can leave a lasting impression. Helping people above and beyond what is expected of us makes life better for everyone.

Think big and be adventurous

Think globally. Constantly strive to be better and try new things.

We are building a company to last. Our growth should be an exciting adventure for the whole team. We make decisions based on a broad understanding of their impact. Don’t risk losing our way, and our company’s soul, by only focusing on short-term victories and one-dimensional metrics.

One team with a shared purpose

We operate as a united team, we support one another, don't blame, don't divide.

We win or lose as a single team. Although we all have different functions, we are all part of a single unit, jointly responsible for our successes and our failures. We support one another and make decisions that improve the system as a whole.

Iterate, experiment and automate continuously

Never stop improving, questioning and experimenting.

We always ask ourselves how we can improve the way we work. If we see a problem, we try to solve it, or let others know about it so we can fix it as a team. We experiment, and are not be afraid to make mistakes.

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